Senior Session Planning Guide

We always suggest between 3-4 outfits. Here are some ideas on the different types you could have:

  • Casual Outfit
  • Dressy Outfit
  • Sporty or Lounge Outfit
  • An outfit that shows your personality

Outfits + Styling

A few things to keep in mind:

  • Wear clothes and shoes you are comfortable in. I do a few "posed" shots but for most of the photoshoot I will be prompting you all to do something fun or silly so we can get candid shots too - so being comfortable is key.
  • Solid colors and very minimal prints always tend to look best when photographed.
  • If you are self-conscious about a part of yourself, don't wear an article of clothing that is too tight. Instead, wear something that will bring more attention elsewhere. (For example: if I was self-conscious about my arms, I should wear something with sleeves or even something with flowy sleeves and something more fitted for the rest of the shirt.)
  • Consider the weather! Make sure you’re prepared with cute coats if it’s rainy or snowy!
  • Start with a neutral base and build from there. Neutral tones are typically more flattering and cohesive than bright colors. Pick two or three neutrals to start with and then add little accents of color if you want!
  • Layered textures like linens, silk, denim, corduroy, and chiffon all add fun details to your outfits.
  • SHOW YOUR PERSONALITY - I firmly believe your senior photos should reflect YOU, wear things that embody all the things you love and your personality!

I am so excited to see you at your consultation. I would love if you brought some pictures of outfits you already have or screenshots of the outfits you're thinking about buying, to the consult.

If you have any questions in the meantime, please feel free to reach out for any guidance.

You can also head to Pinterest for inspiration. When in doubt, ask! I am always happy to help!

Remember, this is a day to represent the amazing and crazy stage of life you're in. It's ok if you're scared or nervous, we are going to make sure you feel comfortable and have so much fun! I'm here to capture you in your uniqueness and entirety so don't worry about being perfect, I just want you to be yourself!