I am so proud of you for taking the next step for your brand. I know it is so hard to know what is beyond the veil of the uncharted territory and what the next chapter will hold. taking this first step in documenting the dream to do something with your voice, your vision and your heart, says a lot about your dedication to this dream! You are a fighter, I see that in you! I cannot wait for what is to come. So much is on the horizon for you!

Shortly after reading this page, you will be getting a welcome email that will have the steps I need from you to get going with your brand photography. For now, I wanted to explain a bit more about the process of how this will all look!


what is the best way to contact you?

Please feel free to text me (my number is in your welcome guide) but email is a guaranteed way to help me make sure nothing gets lost in the shuffle.

When can i expect to receive my photos?

Our average turnaround time for finished galleries is 5-6 weeks (post session date) unless an expedited editing fee was purchased prior to the photoshoot date. But, please reach out and if we have the availability we can definitely expedite your gallery. :)

How will I receive my photos?

You will receive access to an online gallery where you can download your hi-resolution images, buy wall art and more.

How do I find all past documents, invoices and contracts?

Never lose anything sent between us in your client portal. This keeps record of every document (even from multiple projects, if you go way back) and is especially helpful for tax write offs!

Is my Branding shoot a tax write off?

I am not a tax specialist but, anything purchased for your business (with very rare exceptions) is a tax write off. I have tons of clients who love being one of our quarterly brand clients for the tax benefit -- I mean what a fun tax write off ;)

how do I learn more about becoming a monthly/quarterly member?

The biggest benefit of being one of our monthly or quarterly members is, we already are so familiar with your brand so we can spend the majority of our time focused on your growth, what's coming up for you, business milestones to celebrate/document, marketing and content ideas and become such close friends in the process. If you're interested in a membership application, please reach out below!