Branding Session Prep Guide

Outfits + Styling

A few things to keep in mind:

  • Wear clothes and shoes you are comfortable in. I do a few "posed" shots but for most of the photoshoot I will be prompting you all to do something fun or silly so we can get candid shots too - so being comfortable is key.
  •  Solid colors and very minimal prints always tend to look best when photographed.
  • If you are self-conscious about a part of yourself, don't wear an article of clothing that that is too tight. Instead, wear something that will bring more attention elsewhere. (For example: if I was self-conscious about my arms, I should wear something with sleeves or even something with flowy looser sleeves and something more tailored for the rest of the shirt.)
  • Consider the weather! Make sure you’re prepared with cute coats if it’s rainy or snowy!
  • Start with a neutral base and build from there. Neutral tones are typically more flattering and cohesive than bright colors. Pick two or three neutrals to start with and then add little accents of color if you want!
  • Do not match. Avoid wearing the same outfit - you know the classic jeans and white t-shirt look that we all wore to family photos growing up? Yeah, don't do that. Also avoid putting your kids in the same shirt, it’s tempting because it’s cute but it doesn’t make each child stand out! Instead, try to coordinate. Mix and match the base neutrals that you picked out.

When dressing kids for sessions, keep these things in mind:

  • Avoid character themed clothing. Their favourite show might be Paw Patrol or Ninja Turtles but stay away from logos, images, or graphics. Even though it might be their favourite shirt, it will be a serious distraction in the image.

  • Make sure they have matching socks!

  • Being able to move around in their clothing is a must!

If you’re still stuck, head to pinterest for inspiration and you can send me pictures of your outfit(s) if you want my opinion!

When in doubt, ask! I am always happy to help!

A Few More Pointers To Help You Feel Prepared

for the kids

fed, watered, rested

For children, make sure they are well fed and watered and rested before the shoot! Bring non-mess snacks. Avoid gummies, chocolate, or crumbly items, instead opt for cheerios, raisins, even mini marshmallows, white cheese (in case it gets stuck in their teeth), or a promise for a bigger treat later… I am not above bribery at a photoshoot!


This is completely up to you, but I have found when kids know they are going to a session and have more time to prepare for it and feel ready, things run smoother. When they are surprised (or woken up from a nap for it), from my experience, it's harder for them to warm up to the idea of doing the shoot. You can show them my picture and tell them that a silly friend is coming to take their pictures, and tell them not to worry because we will have so much fun and it'll be so fast!


This is always the most important part. If the kids sense frustration or stress prior to a shoot, my experience has been that they match the mood. In a photoshoot, we will go with the flow of the kids, if they all sit and are happy, I will encourage everyone else to sit, hug, give kisses and will get some really beautiful candid moments of it all. If they want to walk, we hold hands and walk. I always encourage parents since they know their kids best, to do what feels right for them the day of the shoot so that when it's time for the session, everyone is happy and excited.

Beauty, Preparation, Session Workflow Notes

  1. Don’t get your hair cut/colored right before the shoot, the best time to do it is about a week to two weeks before.
  2. Nails and toes - neat and clean or painted.  
  3. Lotion makes your skin look youthful, glowy, and healthy in photos. We recommend using lotion on your arms, hands, neck, and calves.
  4. Stay hydrated and eat nutritious meals throughout your day so you feel your best.
  5. Try on your outfit a couple days before the shoot, you want to make sure that you still feel great in it. If you don’t feel great, change it up!
  6. Pack the car before you start getting ready (About 3 hours or so prior).
  7. Take time to relax the day of the session as much as possible. The calmer, happier, and more prepared everyone is, the better!
  8. Start getting everyone ready way earlier than you are used to.
  9. The timeline is only a guideline.
  10. Trust me and my artistic eye.
  11. Try your best to come to the session calm, excited and prepared (this is going to be so fun!!)
  12. Promise me you'll have open communication on how you are feeling throughout the session, k?!
  13. Go with the flow and make the absolute most of the weather and nature (with a few extreme exceptions, of course) :)

Some things you may want to bring

  1. Water bottles (especially for those summer sessions, it gets hot!)
  2. A brush, hairspray, and/or gel. Do you trust your hair to stay how you want it for 1-2 hours? I definitely don’t trust mine but you’re the one who is in front of the camera!
  3. On that same note, bring a little makeup bag for touch ups. Make sure to include some type of towel in case anyone gets too sweaty.
  4. Please don’t bring gum! But definitely bring tic tacs or something.
  5. Umbrellas, because weather.
  6. Comfortable shoes!

Remember, this is a day to represent the amazing and crazy stage of life you're in. It's ok if anyone in the group is scared or nervous, we are going to make sure you feel comfortable and have so much fun! I'm here to capture you and your family in its uniqueness and entirety so don't worry about being perfect, I just want you to be yourself!


Arielle Ashworth

I know this was a lot of information! If you have ANY questions at all, please do not hesitate to reach out. I am always here to help. :)

Cell: 208 - 718 - 1662 (if we are within the week of session, this is my preference)